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Usage of や | The usage of auxiliary word や

Although the auxiliary word や is not used as many as に and が, it also has several different meanings.

Represents a parallel relationship:

  • 新聞や雑誌がおいてある。 There are newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • 彼の失敗は 1 度や 2 度のことではない。 His failure is not once or twice.
  • 細長いのやまるいのや四角いのなどいろいろだ。Slender, round, square, etc. , many kinds of.

As soon as:

  • 男は警官に尋問されるや,あわてて逃げ出した。 As soon as the man was questioned by the police, he fled in a panic.
  • 卒業するや国へ帰った。I returned to China as soon as I graduated.
  • 店を開くやいなや,お客で満員になった。As soon as the store opened, the customers were full.

Persuasion, Order:

  • 早くしろや。 Do it quickly!
  • 帰ろうや。 Let's go home.
  • ぼくにもやらせろや。Let me do it too.

Express your feelings and judgments in a relaxed and casual tone:

  • まあ,いいや,なんとかなるだろう。Oh, that's all right, it will be solved.
  • だれもそんなことを言わないや。 No one said that.
  • 今さらどうしようもないや。 I can't help it now.

After receiving the call, give a warm and cordial color:

  • カタシちゃんやこっちへおいで。 Katashi-chan, come here.
  • 太郎や,そこの箱を持ってきてちょうだい。 Taro, bring that box.

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