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What is the most accurate meaning of "盛り込む"?

Basic explanation:

盛り込む=include/incorporate/Add in

"盛り込む" is considered as "include" in many cases, and it can also be considered as "incorporate", but I got "Add in" from the Chinese translation. So it makes me very confused.

Accurate explanation:

Then I found such an explanation.

"盛り込む": To put something into a vessel; another means to put abstract things into it (such as adding thoughts and opinions into the article).

This is indeed the original meaning of the kanji "盛".


  • 残業時間の上限規制や有給休暇(有休)の取得義務化を盛り込んだ働き方改革関連法が...

Work style reform-related law that includes restrictions on the upper limit of overtime hours and compulsory acquisition of paid vacations (with holidays)...



  • 違反企業に対する改善命令など行政処分の導入を検討する方針を盛り込んだ

The policy to consider the introduction of administrative dispositions such as the order for improvement to violated companies was incorporated.

盛り込んだ≈Add in | Incorporate

So it seems that there must be a feeling of "Add in" in it.

I suggest that you directly think of it as "include", which seems to be suitable for most situations.

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