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The difference between the particle "は" and "が"

1. Distinguish from the answer

"が" simply describes the facts.

"は" means comparison.

For example:

  • ない (I have no money)
  • 彼女いない (I don't have a girlfriend)
  • ない (Money, I don't have any, but...)
  • 彼女いない (Girlfriend, I don't have any, but......???)

金はないけど、爱はある! I don't have money, but I have love!


A: リュウ君の彼女ってどんな人?

B: まあ, 性格  いい. (Well, good personality)


A: リュウ君の彼女ってどんな人?

B: まあ, 性格  いい. (Well, in terms of character, it's still good...)

A: え?じゃ...ブサイクなの?

A: 皆さんは来ないんですか?

B: あ, 俺  行きますよ. (Well, if I am, I will definitely go, I don't know about others)


2. Distinguish from the focus of the sentence

The point of "は" is behind.

The point of "が" is on the front.





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