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Learn JLPT N2 Grammar: ~たところが


  • 田中さんならわかるだろうと思って聞いてみたところが、彼にもわからないという。I thought that Mr. Tanaka would understand, but he didn't understand either.
  • 今朝は早めに出かけたところが、交通事故に巻き込まれ遅刻してしまった。I went out early this morning, but I was late due to a traffic accident.
  • 昔住んでいた町を訪ねたところが、様子がすっかり変わっていて迷ってしまった。When I visited the town where I used to live, the situation changed completely and I was at a loss.

The result of the latter sentence is contrary to the expectation of the previous sentence.

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