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Oh, maphew, that's a great example.(???幻听 igzannt) (这句话有两个频段)





Listen to part of conversation between a student and his professor.

Hi, maphew Mathew I'm glad you can come in today. You've abserving Mr. Grable's third grade class for your approaches to education paper, right?

Um..Hmmmm, Yes, I go over to the Johnson iwamentry Elementary School. You know,  to watch Mr. Grable teach the children in class. It's been amazing. I mean, I just learning so much from just watching him. I'm so glad the class obeservation classroom observations are a requirement for the education program. I mean, it's like the best thing ever to prepare you to be a good teacher.

??? Well, I'm glad go I to see you feel that way ??? Mathew. You know, that's the goal. So I've been reading over your observation notes, and I'm quite intereted in what's going on in particular with the astronomy unit he's being been teaching.

The astronomy unit?

It seems that Mr. Grable has mastered the introdiceponary interdisciplinary approaching the approach to teaching that we've been talken talking about in class.

Oh, OK. Yeah, so like when he is was teaching astronomy, he didn't just teach them the names of the planets, he used it as a way to teach mathology mythology

Really, so how to did you he do that?

Well, some of the students could already name our the planets, but they didn't know that the names has had a any meaning, the storyies behind them.

So, he...

He introduced greek and roman mathology mythology as a way of explaining. Like, you know, how like dupators Jupiter's the biggest planet, right? And how dupators Jupiter was the name of king of the gods of the roman mathology in Roman mythology, right? So since dupators Jupiter the planet is the largest planet in our solar system, it's like the king of the planets, like the dupators Jupiter was the king of all the gods.

Oh, maphew, that's a great example.(???幻听 igzannt)

Yeah, and each student shoose a planet and research then did research on it to write a report and make a presentation. They went to the library to do the research, then they made presentations about the planet they chose.

So, in one science unit, in which the focus was astromomy, the students also learned about the literature of greek and roman mathology mythology, used to research skills in the library, wrote a report and practiced their own oral presentation skills.

Exactly, he uses used this one topic to teach third gradors third-graders all that stuff. How to use the books in the library, to write reports, and even how to speak to in public. Plus, they had a great time doing it.

You know, mathew, this is just what we've been talken talking about in our class. I'm sure everyone could can learn something from your experiences. You know, mathew, I'd laugh love for you to talk about the astronomy unit in class on Wednesday.

Really, um....Hmmmm...cause, I don't really think I'll have any time to write my paper by then.

Oh, you won't need write anything new just yet. For wednesday, use your class observation notes, and it explain the things we've disscussed today.

OK, that's sounds alright all right.


What is the conversation mainly about?
A lesson Mathew prepared for his students.
√A class Mathew has been observing.
A term paper that Mathew has written.
A problem in Mathew's classroom.

What is Mathew's opinion about observing Mr. Grabell's Third-grade class?
√lt will help him become a more effective teacher.
lt could help improve his study habits.
lt has improved his public-speaking skills.
lt may be the most difficult assignment he has had.

Why does Mathew mention Greek and Roman mythology?
To identify a topic frequently discussed in third grade.
To get the professor's opinion about a lesson he taught.
To make a suggestion to improve the class he is taking.
√To illustrate a technique used to teach a third-grade class.

What important skills did Mr.Grabell introduce to his third-grade class?
click on 3 answers

Reviewing other students' reports.
√Using books in the library.
Interviewing their classmates.
√Speaking in public.
√Writing reports.

What will Matthew probably do in next Wednesday's class?
Hand in his assignment early .
Try to start a study group.
√Make a presentation to the class.
OChoose a topic for his paper.


  • Well, I'm glad(这个是真的听不出来)(不过口语是真的喜欢说well)
  • Mathew(马修)(我知道这是一个人名字)
  • Elementary 初级(100%听不出来)(主要是不熟悉这个单词)
  • interdisciplinary 跨学科的(听出来了但是不知道是什么)


  • Elementary 初级
  • interdisciplinary 跨学科的
  • mythology 神话(我还以为是神秘学)(看这词的词根猜的)
  • greek 希腊(说起来,单词都听写出来了,却没想起意思是什么)
  • roman 罗马 (这个单词我还在想是不是romantic浪漫相关的什么呢)(忘了是古罗马的意思)
  • Jupiter's 木星(好吧,我不知道)
  • oral 口头的
  • stuff 东西(写出来了,居然不知道是什么意思可还行)


  • Elementary 初级
  • oral 口头的
  • stuff 东西 (这个单词其实很常见的)
  • I'd love for you to do sth. * 我希望你做某事 (说实话,一开始听到love的时候,简直不敢相信自己的耳朵,我还特意听写成了laugh)








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