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Listen to a conversation between a student and librarian.

Hi, can I help you?

I hope so.


I need to find an article in a journal course called Comtemporary Research in linquest ticks Linguistics, and I've looked all of over the stacks for it, but I can't find it anywhere. Could you look to see if it's been checked out. 

Okay, that may not be the problem.

But I just check the computer catalog over there, and it's lists listed there, and it's senstive it says it's available unavailable.

When you looked up the book locate locator number, did you see the letters "LAN".

Oh, okay, yeah, I saw that, but I didn't know what it mean meant.

Well, that means it's in the language department library. We don't have it here.


Yes, the university actually has 9 libraries, so you always have to check the library code when you are looking for a book. 

Okay, but it is available, but not in this library.

Right, but we do have a number of other language extranals linguistics journals here.

No, I need this one specificly specifically. This arcticles article is mentioned in a bunchies of other articles I've already read, and I wanted to have a look at the original, this one, you know, in case this there's more stuff I can could use to in my paper.

Okay, well, you know, all the universities library university's libraries share their resources, so if you like, I could call the language department librarian library and ask them to send it over. And we'd have it for you here, oh, a day after tomorrow around noon.

I appreciate it, but I can't wait that long. I need this artice for the a paper I'm writing that's due the day after tomorrow. Ummm, could you tell me where the language department library is?

Sure, it's on the other campus in the basement of hall Pearson Hall, all across from the listening lab. But I doubt you you'll would be able to make it over there in time today.

Now, especially since I don't have a car, but my sister does, and I'm pretty sure she'd led let me bar borrow it with.

If I go over there for first things tomorrow morning, would I be able to check it out right away. 

I don't see why not. Just make sure, you have your student ID with you.

Okay, that what I'll do then. Thank you very much.


这篇听力主要讲一个学生,为了找到想要的语言学期刊,而寻求图书馆员的帮助。他要的期刊不在当前图书馆,所以需要借妹妹的车去皮尔森堂下面的地下室图书馆去取。图书馆员本来建议后天送给他这本期刊,但是他后天正好要交paper,所以明天早上一早就得去。学生自己查过了图书馆电脑的目录,但是不是特别明白locator number定位器编号,图书馆员给他解释了一下。


  • in a journal


  • Linguistics 语言学
  • locator 定位器
  • Pearson Hall 皮尔森堂
  • basement 地下室


  • locator number 定位器编号





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