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How to have a Lucid Dream? This method may help you.


  • Extremely tired
  • Fully relax the muscles of the whole body
  • The brain doesn't want anything at all

Why I say "Extremely tired" is because if you don't, it's hard to relax every muscle. And you should not have any expectations, because whether you can dream lucid dreams or not seems to be uncontrollable. This has a lot to do with the state of reality. The more you can't let go of things in reality, the less likely it is to have lucid dreams.

About absolute relaxation

The methods described in many articles are very cumbersome and divorced from the essence. There is one core thing about lucid dreaming that they didn't say:

  • the state of relaxation.

The vast majority of people can't achieve this state of relaxation -- an extreme sense of peace of mind.

The emphasis here is not a "sense of security", but a kind of ultimate peace of mind. (For example, if you are lying in bed, if you feel that you are falling, you will subconsciously shake your legs and twitch, but the state of lucid dreaming is that even if you realize that you are falling, you will not make any reaction, instead you will feel that doing nothing is good.)

If you have a lot of things that you can't let go of in real life, it may be difficult for you to relax.

You lack a "sense of security" and will never be able to realize this ultimate peace of mind unless you can first let go of the real things.

Secondly, you cannot be in a state of fullness, which is not conducive to achieving a state of absolute relaxation. You must be very tired. (Oh, I feel "I am very tired, I must sleep right now!")

Any muscle in your body should be relaxed. (It's the kind of feeling that you can't use your strength in 1~2 seconds)

In conclusion:

What you need to do is to put your worries down. Whether it's the past regrets or the current trivial matters, if you can't let go, then you will always have a follow-up in your heart-you will never be able to achieve the truth of complete relaxation.

Supplementary methods:

  • You can try to wear cotton socks to sleep, pay attention to keep warm, a suitable temperature and comfortable sleeping position may be more conducive to your sleep.
  • If you have something to worry about, first solve it, otherwise, you will always worry about it.
  • If you have any regrets, it is recommended to work hard to resolve or make up. Lucid dreaming is not a tool for escaping from reality. If you expect that lucid dreaming can help you escape from reality, it is completely hopeless.

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