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Listen to a conversation between a student and a professor.

Student: Hi, Professor Archure, you know how in class last week you said you were looking for students who are interested in volunteering for your archeology project?

Professor: Of course, are you volunteering?

Student:Yes, I am. lt sounds really interesting, but er... do l need to have any experience for these kinds of projects?

Professor: No, not really. l assume that most students taking the introductory level of class would have little or no experience with the archeological research, but that's ok.

Student: Oh, good, that's a relief. Actually, that's why l'm volunteering for the project — to get experience. What kind of work is it?

Professor: Well, as you know,we're studying the history of the campus this semester. This used to be an agricultural area and we already know that where the main lecture hall now stands, there once were farm house and barn that were erected in the late 1700s. We are excavating near the lecture hall to see what types of artifacts we find, you know, things people used in the past that got buried when the campus was constructed. We've already began to find somevery interesting items like old bottles, buttons, pieces of clay pottery.

Student: Buttons and clay pottery? Did the old owners leave in such a hurry that they left their clothes and dishes behind?

Professor:Hmmm... that's just one of the questions we hope to answer with this project.

Student: Wow, and it's all right here on campus.

Professor That's right, no traveling involved. l wouldn't expect volunteers to travel to a site, especially in the middle of the semester. We expect to find many more things, but we do need more people to help.

Student: So... how many student volunteers are you looking for?

Professor: I'm hoping to get five or six. I've asked for volunteers in all of the classes I teach, but no one has responded. You are the first person to express interest.

Student: Sounds like it could be a lot of work. Is there er .. is there any way l can use the experience to get some extra credit in class? l mean, can l write a paper about it?

Professor: I think itll depend on what type of work you do in the excavation, but l imagine we can arrange something. Actually l've been considering offering extra credit for class because l've been having a tough time getting volunteers. Extra credit is always a good incentive for students.

Student: And how often would you want the volunteers to work?

Professor: We're asking for three or four hours per week, depending on your schedule. A senior researcher, l think you know John Franklin, my assistant, is on site every day.

Student: Sure,l know John. By the way, will there be some sort of training?

Professor. Yes, er ...l want to wait still Friday to see how many students volunteer, and then I'll schedule the training class next week at a time that's convenient for everyone.

Student:Ok, I'll wait to hear from you.Thanks a lot for accepting me.


一个学生来办公室找教授,相当志愿者。这个志愿的活动是考古学的活动,而且考古的地点就在校园,这个校园曾经就是一个考古的发掘现场,这里的barn和farm houses建立于1700s年。而且现在的时间是学期中旬,教授也并不希望学生去一趟很远的旅途去考古,所以在校园进行。这里的志愿活动是不需要任何experience的,所以学生不用担心。另外,频率大概是一周3~4小时,可能有额外的学分,也或许能写paper,这些内容教授没有直接承诺,只是说有可能。学生的目的是获得更多经验,当然学分和paper也包括在内。


  • introductory 入门的; 引导的; 初步的;
  • introductory level of class  入门级课程
  • archeological 考古学的
  • erected 竖立;建立;建造;
  • excavating 挖掘
  • artifacts 文物
  • clay 黏土;陶土
  • pottery 瓦罐;陶坛;瓦罐,瓷罐
  • clay pottery 陶器
  • responded 回应
  • incentive 激励


  • Oh, good, that's a relief. 哦,很好,这让我松了一口气。
  • find out about  弄清有关……的情况;找到关于某事的一些信息;调查关于(你要是理解成“找到关于”就错了)




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