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托福备考第48天——TPO Extra 1 Listening ①

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Listen to a conversation between a student and an employee in the campus computer center.

Computer center employee: Hi, what can l help you with today?

Student Hi, um, l wanted to-you see, the thing is, l don't know much about computers, so l was wondering I,uh, if there's a class or something? So l can learn how to use computers, like to write papers for my classes.

Computer center employee: Oh, l see ..um, we don't really offer a course for beginners, since most students already have computing experience. But all the computers in our labs have a general tutorial installed on them. You could just go there and run it.

Student: And the tutorial explains everything? l mean, it might sound strange but l've never used a computer.

Computer center employee: Well, ll the computer labs on campus are staffed with student assistants, and I'm sure that any one of them would be more than willing to get you started.

Student: Yeah? That sounds good.But is it expensive?

Computer center employee: No, in fact,it won't cost anything; its one of the services of the computer center.

Student: That' great. How do they-l mean, how do l get in touch with the student assistants? Should l just go to a computer lab and ask whoever's there?

Computer center employee. Sure, you could do that, or l can let you have al ist of names of the students who are assistants in the labs. You might know one of them.

Student: Actualy, l think l'd prefer someone l don't know, um, so l can ask dumb questions ... ls there anyone you'd recommend?

Computer center employee: All of our student assistants are really knowledgeable about computers. l mean, they have to be, in order to work in the computer labs. lt doesn't mean that they're necessarily good at teaching beginners .But you probably wont be a beginner for very long.

Student: Hope not.

Computer center employee: And l just thought of something else.The bookstore has a lot of books on computers-there might be one for people ike you. l mean , people who dont have a lot of experience with computers. l actually bought one for my father so he could learn how to use e-mail, basic word processing, that sort of thing-and it worked pretty well for him.

Student: OK, I'll try that, too.And if the bookstore doesn't have it, they can just order it for me?

Computer center employee: Right. Now is there anything else l can help you with today?

Student Uh, just the list of names and the times they're working. l'd like to get going on this as soon as possible.

Computer center employee: Right. Good luck.


一个学生不会使用computer,来office找Computer center employee询问是否有course,结果是没有。不过这个学生可以使用assistants ,每个computer center都配备了这个,并且是免费的。employee告诉学生自己可以给个名单(give him a list of student assistants)让他去寻求协助,同时还提示了一些有关新手教程的电脑书,这些书是employee买给自己的father的,不过现在这个学生书店买买看。(注意这只是个建议,并不是要借书给这个学生)



  • dumb questions 愚蠢的问题


  • staffed with 配备



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