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托福听力训练002——天文 · 金星

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Are the volcanoes on Venus still active? Well, that's an interesting question. There is still some discussion on that point. But here's what we do now. First, the level of sulfur dioxide gas above Venus's clouds shows large and very frequent fluctuations.

It's quite possible that these fluctuations, the huge increase and decrease of sulfur dioxide, happening again and again. It's quite possible that this is due to volcanic eruptions because volcanic eruptions often emit gases. If that's the case, volcanism could very well be the root cause of Venus's thick cloud cover.

And also we have observed bursts of radio energy from the planet's surface. These bursts are similar to what we see when volcanoes erupt on Earth. So this too suggests ongoing volcanic activity. But although this is intriguing evidence, no one's actually observed a Venus volcano erupting yet, so we can't be positive.




同时,他们还检测到radio energy from the planet's surface,这进一步论证了金星上火山还是活跃的观点。




  • sulfur dioxide 二氧化硫
  • fluctuations 起伏
  • volcanic eruptions 火山喷发
  • emit gases 释放气体
  • root cause 根本原因
  • radio energy 无线电能量
  • intriguing evidence 有趣的证据
  • can't be positive 不能肯定


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