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TPO1-68 Summary of standardized oral answers


Task 1

I agree with the idea that the TV has a negative effect on the society.

I feel this way for two reasons.

First, spending too much time on TV is not good for people's health. For example, they just sit there and hardly move, so they can easily become lazy and like to eat potato chips while watching it. As a result, they may suffer from obesity-related diseases.

Second, watching violent programs may do harm to children. To be more specific, young children tend to imitate the behavior on TV, and there is an increase of violence on it. Accordingly, they will be more likely to do the same thing which was shown on TV, but can do harm to themselves.

Task 2

According to the letter, the author thinks that acquiring a new sculpture seems a bad idea for the university.

This is because the university's financial condition is poor and the sculpture is so large that it'll take up all the green space in front of the campus center.

The woman disagrees with that opinion for 2 reasons.

To begin with, she points out that a donor will pay the bill for most of the sculpture, so the school does not have a money problem with this.

Moreover, she argues that the place where the sculpture will be built is the place where the writer often plays soccer with his friends, so when the author says that the sculpture takes up too much space, he is actually being selfish rather than being considerate of other students.

Task 3

The reading is about Groupthink.

It states that Groupthink is concerned with negative influence on achieving a team's goal, because team members tend to make compromise out of fear or conformity.

The professor elaborates on this by using his own experience.

To begin with, he mentions that his computer company once had a group discussion on the appearance of their computer. Most of employees agreed that the fashionable appearance would be more attractive to customers.

However, some senior managers expressed different opinions. Then everyone started to agree with those senior managers. 

Eventually, all the team members including the professor himself decided not to change the appearance.

As a result, the company's rival changed its product appearance and attracted more customers.


Task 4

The lecturer explains baby's math potential by giving an example.

To begin with, the professor states that very young children including babies seem to understand addtion.

In the experiment, one doll was put on the table for a child to see and then it was hidden behind a screen. Another doll was added and also it was put behind the screen.

Then the child would assume that there were two dolls behind the screen. But actually the researchers secretly too away one doll.

When the screen was removed, the child was very surprised to see only one doll.

The researchers knew that the baby was surprised because he stared at the doll for quite a moment.

This proves that babies have a math potential.




I agree with the idea that college students should focus on a single subject area, that what our majors are for

I feel this way for two reasons.

First, a certain major will need to my future career. For example, deep knowledge of that area will help me find a good job with a decent salary and a promising future after graduation. However, if I choose to take a variety of subject areas, my time is limited and all this will compromise my study in my major.

Second, most students don't need this. To be specific, they have already had a broad education with different subjects through middle school and high school. As a result, it would be a waste of educational resources.



According to the announcement, the university's plan to eliminate the bus service for students.

This is because few students ride the buses and the university wants to save money to expand the student parking lots.

The man does not support this change.

To begin with, he points out that the problem is the bus route's out-of-date. On top of that, it is now going through the areas where it's gotten too expensive for students to live in, so he think that the university should change the routes.

Moreover, he argues that if the university does this, it'll encourage more students to drive to school. Therefore, it will also create a lot of traffic, so it'll require more parking lots.



The reading is about Audience effects.

It states that when people are aware of being observed, their behavior changes.

The lecturer elaborates on this by providing two examples.

To begin with, he mentions that people work faster when they are aware of being observed. In one study, two groups were told to put on shoes and tie their shoelaces. One group was told it would be observed and the other was not. As a result, the group that knew it was being observed tied shoes much faster than the other group.

Next, he says that the audience effect suggests that doing things alone could avoid making mistakes. In the study of learning to type, those being observed type faster, but they also tend to make more mistakes than those not aware of being observed.



The lecturer explains money by giving two definitions.

First, she describes the broad definition. Money is anything that can be used as payment, in other words, a medium of exchange. For example, coins and bills and barter are all considered as money. If a farmer takes a taxi ride, he could choose to use either paper bills or vegetables as payment for the ride. As a result, the driver is fine with either one kind of payment.

Secondly, she mentions a narrow definition, money is anything that must be accepted as payment, in other words, as legal tender. To be more specific, in the States, only coins and bills are legal tender, so a taxi driver must accept coins and bills as payment for the taxi ride. Vegetables, on the other hand, are not required to be accepted by the taxi driver.




I think it is better to study in group to work on their class assignments.

I feel this way for two reasons.

First, this is a good chance for students to absorb and share what they have learned in class. For example, when studying in a group, a student can hear different opinions about the same question, or learn some useful ways to solve the same problem. Accordingly, students will have a better grasp of knowledge.

Second, it is easier to develop students' good character. To be more specific, when working together, it's natural that students tend to display good qualities, such as teamwork and responsibility, because no one likes to be looked down upon for being as an irresponsible member in a team. As a result, they will be more likely to form good qualities.



According to the announcement,  dining service will not serve hot breakfast food anymore. They only serve cold breakfast.

This is because they want to keep food healthier and help students save money.

The woman does not support this change.

To begin with, she points out that whether something is hot or cold doesn't necessarily mean it is healthy. To be more specific, she says that in a really cold morning, a nice warm omelet is obviously better than a bowel of cold cereal.

Moreover, she argues that the change will not help save money. Becasuse if the students can't get what they want from dining hall, they will go off-campus. Then they have to pay off-campus price, which is more expensive. So this change will not help save money but actually end up costing more.



The reading is about cognitive dissonance.

It states that cognitive dissonance is a kind of mental discomfort people feel when they experience contradictions between their actions and their beliefs.

The professor elaborates on this by using his own experience.

To begin with, he mentions that when he was in high school, he was addicted to video games. He didn't do well in study and even failed in chemistry. However, he knew he should study well in order to find good jobs and have a good career, but he just couldn't give up video games, and this was his confilct.

Next, he says that his solution was to change his perspective. To be specific, chemistry was the only class he did badly, he was pretty sure that he wanted to be a sociologist and sociologist doesn't need to be well in chemistry. So he reinterpreted his understanding of doing well in school. Initially, he thought he should do well in all subjects to be successful in school. But then, he thought he should only do well in subjects that are directly related to his future career. So he changed his belief to eliminate the conflict.



The lecturer explains advertising strategies by giving two examples.

First, she describes repetition. For example, in a car commercial, a guy drives a car around and stops several times to pick up different persons. Every time a voice tells the audience that the car has plenty of space, so even the car is actually small, the customers are convinced that it is a roomy car.

Secondly, she mentions using celebrities, because people tend to trust someone who is famous. To be specific, in another car commercial, a famous racecar driver recommends a car for its speed. Even though the car actually has a low performance, the audience tend to believe it's a fast car.

These examples illustrate how persuasive strategies are used in advertising.


(To be continued)

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