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What's the difference between "アドバイス" and "意見" ?

Although they have the same meaning, they are used by different people.

If you are talking to your boss, you must use "意見";

Because in Japan, only people with higher status or ability than you can say "アドバイス" to you.

If you try to say the word "アドバイス" to your boss, you may be fired by the boss.

Japan advocates Western culture. In their cognition, "アドバイス" is a foreign word as well as an advanced vocabulary. 

Advanced vocabulary should be used only by advanced people, so as to meet their specifications.

"アドバイス" is more noble.

In fact, most Western words in Japan must be used by people with high status. You may wonder if they look down on their own culture. Maybe, but it is more likely to be a habit.

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