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OR An unhandled exception occurred while processing the request. InvalidOperationException: Invalid non-ASCII or control character in header: 0x60A8

An unhandled exception occurred while processing the request. InvalidOperationException: Invalid non-ASCII or control character in header: 0x60A8 Microsoft.AspNetCore.Server.Kestrel.Core.Internal.Http.HttpHeaders.ThrowInvalidHeaderCharacter(char ch) InvalidOperationE ...

2020-11-01 06:40:35

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OR Difference between HTTP GET and HTTP POST method

Generally speaking, GET is to obtain data, and POST is to submit data. But because GET and POST are both HTTP methods, HTTP is a TCP/IP-based protocol on how data communicates on the World Wide Web. So in essence, there is no difference between GET and POST requests. They are all TCP connections. What they can do is the same. Now that the HTTP protocol has these two methods, it is to ...

2020-10-29 21:56:13

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OR [ .NET Core 3.1 MVC ] What is @section scripts{}? And how to use it?

What is @section scripts{}? And how to use it? Your section scripts may like this: It's placed in a view page. If you run it directly, it will report an error. Yes, if you write like this, you must add a @RenderSection("scripts", required: false) to the layout page. This part of your javascript ...

2020-10-29 21:22:44

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OR [SOLVED]How to use X.PagedList.Mvc.Core IN .NET Core 3.1?

Let me first try to explain the background C# code: This is a typical rewritten method. Its initial version should look like this: Why does the rewritten code become so complicated? Because it not only has a paging function, it also comes with a search function. Every time ...

2020-10-29 00:38:05

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OR How to set up mysql scheduled task

How to set up mysql scheduled task First, check the switch: SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'event_scheduler' If it's off: SET GLOBAL event_scheduler = ON;  Second, create a stored procedure: CREATE PROCEDURE update_test()  UPDATE test set num=num+1 where ...

2020-10-28 21:27:03

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OR How does native JS get the number of child elements that the current element belongs to the parent element

I will tell you where this thing is applied. Basically every mobile game will have a star system. Especially those card games. I want to show you an example of Princess Connect: Re Dive. You know, if you have played this game, the number of stars of the character is very important ...

2020-10-28 17:18:03

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OR How to access the. Net core 3.1 MVC web program running in LAN

At the same time, please pay attention to turn off the firewall in the LAN. Of course, you can also add some LAN port rules, but this is not what I will teach in this tutorial. The reason why I want to write this tutorial is that I want to actually visit the project I just finished with ...

2020-10-25 18:03:03

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OR [SOLVED]How to use cookies in .NET Core 3.1 MVC?

How to use cookies in .NET Core 3.1 MVC? You only need to write these 3 methods in the controller. (Note that it must be written in the controller.)I dare not say that this is the best way, but I want to say that it is effective. ...

2020-10-24 22:42:41

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OR [JavaScript] Brief introduction of three interactive boxes (alert, confirm, prompt) of JavaScript

Brief introduction of three interactive boxes (alert, confirm, prompt) of JavaScript 1. Alert box is only used to display certain information. You only need to write "alert("Hello!");" in the JavaScript tag to use it. 2. The confirm box is used to enable the user to verify or accept ...

2020-10-24 17:18:22

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OR [JavaScript] Insert a new div before, in the middle or behind a div

I did a project before. I can't write code with jQuery, but I can only write and insert it with native JS. The code is as follows: ...

2020-10-24 00:40:53

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OR How to express love with animation tone?

How to express love with animation tone. I want to use all the sentences expressing love in the anime I have seen to form a paragraph. And the reason why I wrote this is because I saw a picture on the forum before. [Image] Yes.It's all written in Chinese, but I tried to convert it ...

2020-10-21 03:19:40

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OR [SOLVED] The EF Core tools version '3.1.5' is older than that of the runtime '3.1.9'. Update the tools for the latest features and bug fixes.

The EF Core tools version '3.1.5' is older than that of the runtime '3.1.9'. Update the tools for the latest features and bug fixes. Solution: the EF core tools version needs to be updated please executed this in CMD: dotnet tool update -g dotnet-ef ...

2020-10-21 02:57:28

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OR What is hue-rotate(270deg)?

This is a tonal rotation filter Assuming your original picture is yellow, this code will make your yellow picture purple. The complete code is style="filter: hue-rotate(270deg);" You can use star.png as a test. I have given the picture here, you will understand if you try to do it. ...

2020-10-21 02:37:49

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OR C# Extract the comma separated string to GET the List

It's been a long time since I've been using stupid methods like one-dimensional arrays. C# has always provided some very useful tips. This blog will tell you a very common way to get a list of characters composed of commas and strings. ...

2020-10-21 02:21:09

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OR 如何使用.net core 3.1身份认证发送电子邮件

本篇博客大致上就原英文版本的说明文档,再提供一个再解释文档。 (将简化一些步骤,让你快速学会调用这个功能)然后就是基架问题了。 右击该项目→添加→新搭建基架的项目→标识→添加。 选择Account\RegisterConfirmation,数据上下文选择好,点击添加。 然后最好是更新一下数据库 ...

2020-10-17 17:10:51

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OR 默认ASP.NET Core 3.x项目和Identity选项出现nvarchar和nvarchar(max)错误

场景描述: 尝试在.net core 3.1 mvc项目下使用mysql数据库,在add-migrations的时候,报错了。简述: 出现这个问题,是因为asp.net core默认是认为你用的sql server,它正尝试使用SQL Server的语法。解决方案:直接删除Migrations整个文件夹,然后 ...

2020-10-16 14:35:39

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OR 做Adsense英文站需要注意的5个要点

1.网站不必很漂亮 如果你真的去看过很多成功的案例,会发现他们大多都很丑陋,所以除非你是做设计类的网站,其实根本不需要做那么花哨。 2.站内链接不要新窗口打开 欧美人注重民主,他们有自己选择是否要离开这个页面的权利,并且希望你不要剥夺他们的权利。 浏览器上其实最实用的导航按钮就是 ...

2020-10-04 14:29:24

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RE Ubuntu18.04快速开启Google BBR的方法

说明:Ubuntu 18.04老早就发布了,改变挺大的,内核也直接升到了正式版4.15,而BBR内核要求为4.9,也就是说满足了,所以我们不需要换内核就可以很快的开启BBR,只需要几条命令即可,这里简单说下方法,该教程是面向小白的。嘛,虽然没有报错解决方案,但是可以参考一下 ...

2020-10-04 03:42:28

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OR MySQL的datetime和SQL Server的datetime有什么区别?

先说结论:没有区别。 之前有人跟我说sqlserver的数据库导入mysql要注意Datetime会变成varchar,你可以改成timestamp(时间戳), timestamp, mysql的timestamp和datetime的区别? DateTime和TimeStamp都是年月日时分秒,为什么还有这两个类型呢? DateTime和TimeStamp最大 ...

2020-10-04 03:31:24

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OR .NET Core连接MySQL标准连接方式

MySQL Connector/Net (.NET)标准连接方式 1、标准连接(说明,默认端口是3306。) 2、特殊的TCP/IP端口连接 本地连接应当写 至于localhost和127.0.0.1,如果可以用的话,建议写localhost,因为localhost不经过网络层、防火墙之类的,理论上性能是更高的。不过我在测试的时候 ...

2020-10-04 02:26:15

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OR .NET Core如何使用MySQL?需要打什么驱动?

​ 1. 安装EF Core连接MySQL的驱动,这里有两类:  (1).Oracle官方出品:MySql.Data.EntityFrameworkCore (版本:8.0.17)  (2).其他第三方出品:Pomelo.EntityFrameworkCore.MySql (版本:2.2.0) 8.0.11版本的官方包,大概会抛出这个错误: The 'MySQLNumberTypeMapping ...

2020-10-04 02:24:46

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OR Ubuntu18.04 修改默认时区

执行命令(以东京为例):sudo timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Tokyo 关于Asia/Tokyo这样的参数,可以通过 timedatectl list-timezones 进行查询。 按Space是下一页,b是上一页。 找到了你想要的时区后,记下来,按q退出。 最后,执行命令 date 查看一下修改是否成功。比如 ...

2020-10-03 22:24:06

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OR Sql Server数据库迁移到MySQL(使用SQLyog)

新建一个同名的mysql数据库,这里为了演示取名为test。 基字符集是你默认安装的系统的字符集,我们这里默认使用utf-8,防止乱码。 不过话说回来,如果不清楚default是什么的话,建议执行一下语句: SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'character%'; SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'collation_%';   第二条语句将告诉你,默认连接、默认数据库使用基础字符集。 右击数据库,导入,导入外部数据 ...

2020-10-03 19:17:47

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OR Ubuntu18.04上使用Nginx部署.NET Core 2.1 Web项目过程全记录

1.部署Ubuntu 18.04基本配置 2.安装MySQL 3.产生.NET Core 2.1 Website for Linux-x64 使用WinSCP在/var目录下新建一个www目录,将发布好的文件夹放在www目录下。 4.安装.NET Core运行时 #检查网站是否正常访问,正常将会返回200 #更新重新上传dll需重启服务 ...

2020-10-02 23:39:21

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