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原創 [C# learning] How to use OpenCvSharp for feature point recognition? How to use Sift algorithm and Surf algorithm?

What is the difference between Sift and Surf? SIFT works best under the conditions of scale and rotation transformation, SURF works best under brightness changes. The SIFT algorithm has three main processes for object recognition. 1. Extract key points; 2. Adding detailed ...

2020-11-28 18:07:45

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原創 Weight loss experience | Why can I eat fried chicken burgers, but still so thin?

I believe 99% of people have the experience like in the scences that I've just written. For many people, including me, losing weight was a vicious cycle, where you lose weight very quickly, it's painful in the process, and you gain the weight back when you can't take it anymore ...

2020-11-26 19:00:57

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原創 [JLPT N1 Test] The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1 Level Questions and Answers - December 2017 for Example (Part 7)

First of all you must know that this is a book review, and you must treat it as a comment just like the comment you left in reddit, but this one is a bit long... Therefore, all the content in the article is subjective evaluation, and has nothing to do with the content of the book mentioned ...

2020-11-26 04:22:54

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原創 C# change the system default mouse pointer

You may find a bunch of tutorials that tell you how to do it, but the effect they achieve will only take effect when you place your mouse on the window, and my method will show you how to take effect globally. First, you need to prepare a .cur file, this is a file specifically used to ...

2020-11-25 15:50:55

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問答 A has a deposit and a job. From the outside, it is the kind of person with low desire.

A has a deposit and a job. From the outside, it is the kind of person with low desire. He doesn't buy a lot of clothes in a year, and the electronic products seems to have nothing to do with him. He rarely drinks alcohol, and he does not talk about it at parties. He is not with ...

2020-11-24 18:48:23

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原創 [Japanese learning] The best way to remember dates in Japanese

I think the most important point is that you don't need to remember all 30 at once. For the top 10, you need to spend 80% of the time. In the middle 10, you need to pay attention to "十四日", "十七日" and "二十日". The last 10, you need to pay attention to ...

2020-11-24 18:42:31

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原創 [JLPT N1 Test] The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1 Level Questions and Answers - December 2017 for Example (Part 6)

Question 6. Sort the following phrases to form the correct sentence. To be honest, there is nothing to explain about these questions. I think if you have to figure it out, I have to write several blogs. So I just write the correct answer with the sentence. ...

2020-11-23 14:40:03

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問答 How to uninstall Visual Studio Code completely? (In Windows 10)

1. Right click to start→ Applications and functions (Just Press F) 2. Search for Visual Studio Code, click Uninstall 3. Delete the directory of the expansion file: C:\Users\{Your UserName}\.vscode The .vscode folder may be very large, this is where you download all extensions ...

2020-11-20 14:13:49

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原創 [JLPT N1 Test] The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1 Level Questions and Answers

Here are the test papers of JLPT N1 level, as well as my answers and analysis. I hope it will help you understand the test questions and get a higher test points. And this is completely for beginners. Because although I have reached the N2 level, I haven't studied grammar seriously ...

2020-11-20 01:34:28

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原創 About 役割語(関西人、老人、男の子、武士、田舎の人、お嬢様)

I personally don't recommend male's "役割語", because the self-proclaimed "おれ" would appear to be very rude and impolite. "だぜ" often appears in the same sentence as "おれ", which generally shows that the person has a very rough personality. ...

2020-11-19 16:04:08

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原創 [JLPT N1 Test] The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1 Level Questions and Answers - December 2017 for Example (Part 5)

I think the biggest possibility is that you don't understand the meaning of the options. But as an Anime watcher, you must know that option 2 means "after". Correspondingly, you can also see that the "先" of option 1 means "before", although you don't know the meaning of ...

2020-11-19 12:03:02

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原創 Guides on Japanese sentence endings (です、じゃ、なの、だ、さ, ですね、ですよ、ですよね、etc.)

です is the general ending of affirmative sentences. In Japanese, you can say 私は田中です or 私は田中 The meaning of these two sentences is the same, but the degree of politeness is different. Adding "です" is the most common practice, and it is also a more formal way of speaking ...

2020-11-18 23:32:20

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原創 Words collected from "Princess Connect: Re Dive"

I think this is the best quote that can best express the character of ぺコリーヌ, even if her own name, family, and relatives are all taken away by "マナ", she still keeps such a smile to say such things. また会いましょう、 一緒にケーキを食べましょう。 何度でも大事な絆を結び直しましょう ...

2020-11-18 18:25:13

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原創 American studies have found that people who are slightly obese live longer!

Although today's society admires a slim figure, from a health perspective, it is not that thinner is better. A few years ago, France enacted a bill to set health standards for fashion models to prohibit underweight people from working in the industry. This is called a "ban on weight loss" because of concerns about the health of the modeling industry for many years ...

2020-11-18 16:49:30

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問答 If my throat is uncomfortable, is there any solution to treat my throat? I don't want to see a doctor at all...

Try drinking black tea when your throat is uncomfortable. It is best to drink Iced Black Tea. It would be nice to put some sugar or honey in it. When drinking, don't drink it all at once. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, drink a little bit. I don't know why, but it is very effective. ...

2020-11-18 16:03:13

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原創 What is the difference between "购买力" and "消费能力"?

What is the difference between these two words in Chinese? Basically, I don't think there is much difference between these two words. Most Chinese rarely use these two words. As for the difference between these two words, perhaps even the Chinese may not be clear. However ...

2020-11-18 15:52:35

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原創 How to correctly understand "RCEP"?

Now 15 countries have signed the RCEP, but it does not mean that it will take effect. Note that it will take effect only after the approval of the Congress of some countries. So when will it be approved? We have seen the South China Morning Post quoted some experts as saying that ...

2020-11-17 20:44:52

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原創 They want to make America socialist, or even worse, first socialist and then communist.

Voice from Texas--LAURA LOZANO-ZUNIGA:If you just kind of like, check what's going on to the Venezuelans, a bunch of them came to America, they are doing exactly the same thing. Because they want to take over our country, they want to make America socialist, or even worse, first socialist, and then communists, you know, they want to do that. ...

2020-11-17 14:41:04

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原創 [JLPT N1 Test] The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1 Level Questions and Answers - December 2017 for Example (Part 4)

Here I just fill in the correct words directly into the sentence, because it is actually very troublesome to explain these words, I suggest you remember them directly. Don't blame me why I didn't explain it, it's because I don't think it is necessary. These are all your understanding ...

2020-11-16 11:19:55

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原創 Some suggestions for learning foreign languages

When learning a language, the most important thing is not the knack of memorizing words, nor the language talent, but the idea of taking language learning as a joy. Just like you can easily spend a whole day watching anime, if you can feel that language learning is not ...

2020-11-16 00:21:49

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原創 [Tutorial] Teach you step by step to use JavaScript to write a Sokoban game (Part 2)

Okay, we learned the logic of detecting key presses before. This is the most basic but also the most core part. After all, we need to control game characters. Next, I will use a picture to represent the character you control. Let us find any picture you like. ...

2020-11-14 22:14:12

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原創 [Tutorial] Teach you step by step to use JavaScript to write a Sokoban game (Part 1)

If you are a complete beginner, you have found the right blog. This blog will teach you how to use JavaScript through a game example——Sokoban game. By default you have some basic knowledge of HTML, and you know how to write a javascript tag. The first knowledge ...

2020-11-14 21:40:03

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問答 What is the difference between maxim, motto, dictum, wisdom, witticism, and adage? How to translate "格言" and "名言" into English?

maxim a well-known phrase that expresses sth that is usually true or that people think is a rule for sensible behaviour e.g. I believe in the maxim 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. motto a short sentence or phrase that expresses the aims and beliefs of a person, a group, an institution, etc. and is used as a rule of behaviour e.g. Our motto is 'Plan for the worst and hope for the best'. dictum a statement that expresses ...

2020-11-14 19:20:50

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原創 [Homemade Butter] Make cream from milk, then make butter, no failure

Today I teach you how to make butter at home. AND I will show you different ways to make butter. One way uses milk. And the other one uses cream. Traditionally butter was only made from raw milk. Butter is nothing else than the fat that is contained in milk, separated from ...

2020-11-14 17:15:51

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原創 [JLPT N1 Test] The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1 Level Questions and Answers - December 2017 for Example (Part 3)

"わずかに" generally refers to a weak advantage, and this advantage usually refers to the quantity. "いまだに" means "still". Mostly used in negative sentences. "つねに" means often. "さらに" means more. This sentence is not easy to output when I type. There are many words ...

2020-11-14 16:15:02

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原創 [JLPT N1 Test] The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1 Level Questions and Answers - December 2017 for Example (Part 2)

Question two, choose the most suitable one from the following 4 options.(This part is to examine your understanding of words) 7.小型カメラの国内市場では、弊社が20パーセントの(   )を占めています。 1.レート(rate) 2.レベル(level) 3.ランク(rank) 4.シェア(share) 正解: ...

2020-11-13 14:04:19

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問答 What is the difference between "introduce" and "import" ?

Many non-native English speakers are confused about the use of these two words. Basically, they will use these two words incorrectly. "With the yoghurt you reintroduce this bacteria." "reintroduce" means to start to use sth again. reintroduce ≈ reintroduce, re-introduce ...

2020-11-13 13:28:48

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問答 How to express these symbols "( ){ }[ ]⟨ ⟩" in English? and in Chinese?

They are all brackets. ( ){ }[ ]⟨ ⟩ in English: (   ) round brackets or Parentheses {   } curly brackets or Braces [   ] square brackets or Brackets <> angle brackets or Chevrons.Chinese is not that there are no other names for these symbols, but that these are the most commonly used. ...

2020-11-12 18:46:24

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原創 [Tutorial] Step by step teaches you how to use Mathjax3.0 (Part 2)

Why didn't I mention this method before? That's because the previous display was in a separate line, to be precise, in a separate p tag. And if you need to fill in a formula in the middle of the text, in order not to be confused with other symbols, it usually starts and ends with ...

2020-11-12 18:20:33

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原創 [Tutorial] Step by step teaches you how to use Mathjax3.0 (Part 1)

As you can see, the drawing of a mathematical formula starts with parentheses, and "\" is an escape character. In other words, you must start with "\(" or "\[" and end with "\)" or "\]". The "{" and "\{" will not be escaped and will only be output normally. "(" will only have one line ...

2020-11-12 16:57:29

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問答 What is Benford's law?

For numbers in natural form, the probability of the first digit being 1 is about 30%, and the probability of 2 being 17.6%, decreasing in order. The probability of the first digit being 8 and 9 is only 5.1% and 4.6% respectively. ...

2020-11-12 11:03:04

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原創 How does the game control you? Psychological explanation of game addiction mechanism

My personal feelings about Skinner's reinforcement theory are also very complicated. On the one hand, this theory is really very useful, and it can effectively create a fun game loop. On the other hand, even if I already understand this theory, I will still be addicted to it after experiencing the fun of the game. I also start to wonder, does free will really exist? So what do you guys think ...

2020-11-09 14:00:33

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原創 The weirdest thing in 2020

The weirdest thing in 2020 is not the virus (COVID-19) , but the cheating behavior in the U.S. election, the FBI hasn't noticed it, but countless Chinese netizens have the hard evidence. wtf ...

2020-11-08 17:33:28

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問答 What achievements has Trump achieved during his presidency?

Nearly 3 million jobs were added. Among them, manufacturing jobs increased by 304,000, reaching the highest point since December 2008; jobs in the construction industry increased by 337,000, reaching the highest level since June 2008. The unemployment rate hit a new low ...

2020-11-08 17:22:04

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問答 Where are the problems with Mailed ballots? Why Mailed ballots cannot be trusted?

Important reason: The whole process is out of people's supervision. In 2012, mailed votes accounted for 18.5% of the total votes; In 2016, mailed votes accounted for 20.9% of the total votes. In 2020, there will be more than 80 million people who have applied for mail ...

2020-11-08 15:55:19

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原創 Tips for using different ovens

Every oven is a bit different. These kind of build-in ovens, they have good seals and better heat circulation. And therefore bread in these kind of ovens generally bakes better. Some of the smaller and cheaper ovens with really thin doors and not as good seals, they have very ...

2020-11-07 12:25:58

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原創 [JLPT N1 Test] The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1 Level Questions and Answers - December 2017 for Example (Part 1)

This article is mainly about answering questions about the test paper and my own understanding. (From the perspective of someone who likes watching Anime) If you happen to have the N1 level test paper in December 2017, let's start! Question one, choose the most suitable ...

2020-11-07 10:53:10

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原創 What can computers in the 80s do? My in-depth experience of using Apple Macintosh

The computer is the most important tool in our lives. We can use it to work, surf the Internet, watch videos, and do whatever we want. But have you ever thought about it? If you go back to the 1980s, when personal computers first began to become popular, how could a computer ...

2020-11-06 06:07:40

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原創 15 minutes to make Real European-style homemade bread, very simple, no failure

In Europe from North to South we have endless variations of bread. French people really love their Baguette, Brioche or tasty Croissant. Small countries like Austria have more than 15 kinds of bread. We really love our "Schwarzbrot", also "Roggenbrot" or "Laugenbrot" , and ...

2020-11-05 09:47:01

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原創 Is the human brain single-threaded?Let me tell you why you can't do two things at the same time

Is the human brain single-threaded? In fact, psychologists have shown that humans cannot do two things at once. Human attention is a "limited resource", it only pays attention to the information it has "chosen". When you pay attention to A, other BCDEFs will not ...

2020-11-05 08:47:20

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