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原創 [长期更新]超短生僻单词

1 rot 腐烂 一般考察木制建筑 2 vent 发泄(感情,尤指愤怒) 3 heir 继承人 4 erode 侵蚀;逐渐毁坏 常与rot同时出现 5 yield 产量 描述渔民 ...

2019-12-24 10:36:17

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原創 [长期更新]相似单词对比

1 rend和render rend 撕开;撕碎 render 给予;提供 2 limb和limber limb 肢体 limber 柔软的 3 forte和fortify forte 专长;特长 fortify 设防 4 impassion和impassive impassion 激起…热情;使激动 impassive 冷漠的 ...

2019-12-24 10:39:31

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原創 Committee和Council有什么区别?

Committee和Council的区别 简述: council 代表会;理事会(倾向于顾问和协商) committee 临时委员会(下属机构,倾向于执行) commission 执委会(倾向于完成任务就解散、单次、临时) congress 专门性质的代表大会(最大的政治机构) 使用例: the Human Rights Council 人權理事會 ...

2021-07-07 17:11:10

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原創 初一、初二、初三、高一、高二、高三、大一、大二、大三、大四用英语怎么说?

大一:freshman 英 [ˈfreʃmən] 美 [ˈfrɛʃmən] 大二:sophomore 英 [ˈsɒfəmɔ:(r)] 美 [ˈsɑ:fəmɔ:(r)] 大三:junior 英[ˈdʒu:niə(r)] 美[ˈdʒunjɚ] 大四:senior 英[ˈsi:niə(r)] 美[ˈsinjɚ] 初中:junior high school 高中:senior high school 小学:elementary school Senior one,two,three 高一、高二、高 ...

2021-03-25 05:08:09

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原創 What is the difference between "购买力" and "消费能力"?

What is the difference between these two words in Chinese? Basically, I don't think there is much difference between these two words. Most Chinese rarely use these two words. As for the difference between these two words, perhaps even the Chinese may not be clear. However ...

2020-11-18 15:52:35

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問答 What is the difference between maxim, motto, dictum, wisdom, witticism, and adage? How to translate "格言" and "名言" into English?

maxim a well-known phrase that expresses sth that is usually true or that people think is a rule for sensible behaviour e.g. I believe in the maxim 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. motto a short sentence or phrase that expresses the aims and beliefs of a person, a group, an institution, etc. and is used as a rule of behaviour e.g. Our motto is 'Plan for the worst and hope for the best'. dictum a statement that expresses ...

2020-11-14 19:20:50

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問答 What is the difference between "introduce" and "import" ?

Many non-native English speakers are confused about the use of these two words. Basically, they will use these two words incorrectly. "With the yoghurt you reintroduce this bacteria." "reintroduce" means to start to use sth again. reintroduce ≈ reintroduce, re-introduce ...

2020-11-13 13:28:48

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轉載 Don't learn to code, code to learn

Programming is becoming more and more popular, and as a result, a lot of people want to learn it. But the thing is, most fail at attempting to learn and quit shortly after because they think programming is too hard for the average person to learn. ...

2020-08-17 22:20:11

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原創 [句子对比]It took me a lot of time vs. It took a lot of my time.

对比来看,其实这两句表达的意思是相同的。 但是这两句话如果要带着语气说的话,第一句可以强调时间长,第二句可以强调是我。 书面上,感觉第一句更加谦逊。 因为用ME会让人感觉更加谦逊,在翻译“我和你,心连心”这样的歌词的时候,还是特意翻译成了“You and ...

2020-06-19 11:30:14

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轉載 There Are Two Ways To Think - One Doesn’t Work

Even though we love game development, we also need motivation to continue our road because we will find a lot of obstacles on our journey. Most of the time, those obstacles are humans like our friends, relatives, even the closest family members. They just don’t believe that ...

2020-05-11 16:49:53

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轉載 How to break into the game development industry as a newcomer

People ask me all the time how they can get noticed in the game development or programming industry. The answer is pretty simple, and that is start building projects right away as soon as you have your first idea. Don’t wait. Sometimes as designers, we are sticklers for preparations. We want to make sure that we have all of our ducks in a row before you get started coding ...

2020-04-16 16:07:30

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轉載 This Is So Sad

Humans are very strange creatures. We always complain about something with the exception of few. When it comes to game development the number one complaint that I saw people have is, "I don't have time to learn." And now, thanks to this pandemic that is going on(my condolences to the people who are affected by the virus), we all have time on our hands ...

2020-04-04 16:05:12

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轉載 An email from a game developer

It was 5 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I just learned how to code in Java, and I had a burning desire to create my first game. The problem was I never programmed a video game before, and I had no idea where I should start or what I would even need. This sounded scary in my head, given the fact that it took me some time to figure out how programming works ...

2020-03-31 11:20:39

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問答 TEXT3

TEXT3 ...

2020-01-12 06:06:47

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問答 Content和Context的区别?

context 上下文 content 内容 ...

2020-01-09 01:53:18

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原創 如何設置讓你可以在區域網路內連接SQL Server?

開啟 SQL Server Configuration Manager 1點選「SQL Server 網路的設定」。 2啟用 TCP/IP 3打開屬性,拉到最底下,找到 IPAll TCP port 設定為 1433 *TCP 動態 Port 為空 *這樣設定後,最少可以用 IP 連接到本地的 SQL Server。 接下來是防火牆的入站規則設定 ...

2020-01-09 00:53:00

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