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OR 部分分数分解经典公式

部分分数分解经典公式1: □□ ■frac{cx+d}{(x+a)(x+b)}=■frac{A}{x+a}+■frac{B}{x+b}□□ 部分分数分解经典公式2: □□ ■frac{bx+c}{(x+a)^2}=■frac{A}{(x+a)^2}+■frac{B}{x+a}□□ 部分分数分解经典公式3: □□ ■frac{dx^2+ex+f}{(x+a)(x^2+bx+c)}=■frac{A}{x+a}+■frac{Bx+C}{x^2+bx+c}□□ 公式1演算: □□ ■frac{cx+d}{(x+a)(x+b)}□□ □□=■frac{A}{x+a}+■frac{B}{x+b}□□ □□=■frac{A(x+b)+B(x+a)}{(x+a)(x+b)}□□ □□=■frac{Ax+Ab+Bx+Ba ...

2021-06-17 23:21:36

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OR Understanding Calculus with only 1 blog

OKay, Understanding calculus with only 1 blog. So that's the topic of this blog. Notice my topic isn't our title is learn calculus with only 1 blog or master calculus or totally, you know, understand it completely. Just Basically understanding calculus with only 1 blog like understanding what it is you know that's what the whole point of this and really my kind of main goal here is to to figure out what calculus is. ...

2020-12-12 12:21:18

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QA How to express these symbols "( ){ }[ ]⟨ ⟩" in English? and in Chinese?

They are all brackets. ( ){ }[ ]⟨ ⟩ in English: (   ) round brackets or Parentheses {   } curly brackets or Braces [   ] square brackets or Brackets <> angle brackets or Chevrons.Chinese is not that there are no other names for these symbols, but that these are the most commonly used. ...

2020-11-12 18:46:24

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OR [Tutorial] Step by step teaches you how to use Mathjax3.0 (Part 2)

Why didn't I mention this method before? That's because the previous display was in a separate line, to be precise, in a separate p tag. And if you need to fill in a formula in the middle of the text, in order not to be confused with other symbols, it usually starts and ends with ...

2020-11-12 18:20:33

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OR [Tutorial] Step by step teaches you how to use Mathjax3.0 (Part 1)

As you can see, the drawing of a mathematical formula starts with parentheses, and "\" is an escape character. In other words, you must start with "\(" or "\[" and end with "\)" or "\]". The "{" and "\{" will not be escaped and will only be output normally. "(" will only have one line ...

2020-11-12 16:57:29

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QA What is Benford's law?

For numbers in natural form, the probability of the first digit being 1 is about 30%, and the probability of 2 being 17.6%, decreasing in order. The probability of the first digit being 8 and 9 is only 5.1% and 4.6% respectively. ...

2020-11-12 11:03:04

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OR Mathjax3.0 数学公式HTML渲染插件测试

基本上,我还是比较担心,引入的样式会和我的样式冲突。 目前没有发现问题,一旦发现问题,我就准备撤销引用,改CKEditor直引 ...

2020-06-23 08:30:06

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