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原創 What does "残業時間の上限規制や有給休暇(有休)の取得義務化を盛り込んだ働き方改革関連法が4月から順次施行され、企業もさまざまな工夫を凝らした対策に乗り出している" mean?

残業時間=Overtime hours 上限規制=Cap regulation 有給休暇=Paid holidays 義務=Compulsory  義務化=Mandatory 盛り込んだ=Include 働き方=工作方式≈How to work 働き方改革関連法≈Work style reform related law 施行(しこう) (1)〔実行する〕Implement. (例)この法律は来月から~される/This law will come into effect next month. (例)新しい税制が来年度から~されることに決まった ...

2021-01-01 06:09:28

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原創 What does "独占禁止法を補完する形で「新たな法制化」を行い、違反企業に対する改善命令など行政処分の導入を検討する方針を盛り込んだ" mean?

例:独占禁止法を補完する形で「新たな法制化」を行い、違反企業に対する改善命令など行政処分の導入を検討する方針を盛り込んだ。 補完する=To complete 形で=In the form of 行い=Do など=etc. 盛り込む=include/incorporate/Add in[1] 改善命令(かいぜんめいれい)=improve comma ...

2021-01-01 06:03:08

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原創 What is the most accurate meaning of "盛り込む"?

"盛り込む": To put something into a vessel; another means to put abstract things into it (such as adding thoughts and opinions into the article). This is indeed the original meaning of the kanji "盛". Basic explanation: 盛り込む=include/incorporate/Add in "盛り込む" is considered as ...

2021-01-01 04:41:46

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原創 Usage of や | The usage of auxiliary word や

Although the auxiliary word や is not used as many as に and が, it also has several different meanings. Represents a parallel relationship: 新聞や雑誌がおいてある。 There are newspapers, magazines, etc. 彼の失敗は 1 度や 2 度のことではない。 His failure is not once or twice. 細長いのや ...

2021-01-01 01:51:00

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問答 What does "作動継続" mean?

作動≈Work 予定どおり作動した。/ It worked as planned. 継続≈Continue  仕事を継続する。/Continue to work. その契約は~することになっている。/ The contract is to continue. 作動継続≈Continue working Generally refers to the meaning that mechanical items can operate normally ...

2021-01-01 01:08:05

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問答 What does ドローンビジネス mean?

ドローンビジネス=drone business What Is A Drone? It means "Unmanned aerial vehicle"(UAV). 無人機(ドローン) But generally speaking, the word "無人機" seems to be talking about large-scale destruction weapons. ドローン refers to the very common small remote control aircraft ...

2021-01-01 00:42:50

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原創 "には" is not just "emphasis". Understand the usage of "には" in 3 minutes

Hello everyone, I am often asked about Japanese auxiliary words, what does "には" mean, and is it really an emphasis? What exactly is it emphasizing? In fact, "には" has various meanings besides "emphasis"! Today’s article is to tell you Japanese learners about various ...

2020-12-31 23:11:25

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原創 How to use "かな"? What about "かしら"?

1. A slight question of self-questioning and self-talking For Example: 映画でも见るかな. /Should I go to watch a movie? Speaking situation: You can imagine such a scene. On the weekend, the speaker is thinking about whether to watch a movie to enjoy this rare break time. At this ...

2020-12-30 00:59:02

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原創 Have you mastered the usage of まだ, また, and もう?

OK, let's start with the simplest. また また has the meaning of "again." When expressing this meaning, there is a feeling of reluctance contained in it. For example: "また来ます、またね!". "また" also means "in addition". When we read more and more articles, they appear at the end of ...

2020-12-29 18:29:41

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問答 What does "あるまい" mean?

あるまい=ある+まい means no, impossible. [Conjecture of the negative result] [はずがない] can't...maybe; […でないかもしれない] maybe not...; [おおかた…でないだろう] probably not... Example: たぶんそうではあるまい/Probably not like that. まだ雨は降るまい/It won't rain yet ...

2020-12-29 18:10:48

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原創 contentとindexとcatalogの違い

「content」は本の「目次」です。 「index」は「索引」です。(一般的には「インデックス」と言います。) 「catalog」は説明書の「目次」です。(一般的には「カタログ」と言います。) 「目次」の英語は「catalog」、「contensts」と訳しています。両方とも「目次」という意味があります。 違 ...

2020-12-29 17:39:58

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問答 正直 is the colloquial abbreviation of 正直に言えば - to tell the truth

正直に言えば=to tell the truth, ... There are often ellipsis in Japanese. For example, if you say "しょうじき", they think you want to say "正直に言えば". Examples that the Japanese would not use ...

2020-12-28 19:52:28

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問答 What is the usage of "明日までに"? How to say "Please pay back the money before tomorrow." in Japanese?

Please pay back the money before tomorrow. 明日までにお金を返してください。 お金を明日までに返してください。 What needs attention is this までに, you may not often see this combination. But in fact, if you know the grammar of に very well, you will find that you can add ...

2020-12-28 19:18:37

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原創 "The number of ads you can show has been limited". What should I do? How long will it take to restore?

If it's your problem, you don't need to do anything, just wait. (I mean, if you try to cheat.) Let us talk about it is not your problem, then it is someone maliciously clicking on your ads. Steps you need to do: Remove your ads code on your page. Open the Google analytics backend ...

2020-12-19 11:21:05

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原創 How to use your own domain name for Blogger?in 2020

You just need to add a CNAME record in DNS, whether it is in Cloudflare, GoDaddy or NameSilo: Type Name Target  TTL   CNAME ▲ ghs.googlehosted.com   auto ▲ is the subdomain you want to use. For example, my www has been resolved, which is www.v2know.com; Now I want to parse blog.v2know.com to blogspot. So I need to add a record in DNS panel like this ...

2020-12-15 12:48:57

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原創 Why not recommend you to use Blogger in 2020 (Specially for programmers)

As a programmer, I recommend that you write a blog yourself instead of using blogger. A few days ago, I used Blogger and I found its editor very difficult to use. Because I am a programmer, I need to paste the code, but the display of the code in Blogger is very bad. For example, the style I thought would work, but it didn't work on Blogger. I think the CSS style has been overwritten. So I opened ...

2020-12-14 16:46:06

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原創 Understanding Calculus with only 1 blog

OKay, Understanding calculus with only 1 blog. So that's the topic of this blog. Notice my topic isn't our title is learn calculus with only 1 blog or master calculus or totally, you know, understand it completely. Just Basically understanding calculus with only 1 blog like understanding what it is you know that's what the whole point of this and really my kind of main goal here is to to figure out what calculus is. ...

2020-12-12 12:21:18

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原創 [SVG] How to draw a coordinate system?

You might say that this is not a normal coordinate system. Yes, I just drew two vertical lines and added some text, but these can be used for your reference. What I didn't draw was just an arrow. You can use the path tag to achieve this. (The previous blog has made it very clear.) ...

2020-12-09 14:06:37

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原創 [SVG] What is SVG path?

The <path> element is used to define a path. The following commands can be used for path data: M = moveto L = lineto H = horizontal lineto V = vertical lineto C = curveto S = smooth curveto Q = quadratic Bézier curve T = smooth quadratic Bézier curveto A = elliptical Arc Z = closepath Note: All the above commands allow lowercase letters. Upper case means absolute positioning, lower case means relative positioning ...

2020-12-09 13:17:49

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原創 [SVG] How to write text?

The default value of the font size is 16px, I set 20px specially here; "x" and "y" are coordinate values. Note that its coordinates are not relative to svg. You can try to reduce the value of 15 to 10 to see what happens. I'll just show it to you: You see that the text display is not complete, and the above part is not in the svg so it cannot be displayed ...

2020-12-09 12:42:02

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原創 [SVG] How to draw a straight line?

The x1 attribute defines the start of the line on the x axis The y1 attribute defines the start of the line on the y axis The x2 attribute defines the end of the line on the x axis The y2 attribute defines the end of the line on the y axis The stroke attribute defines the color of the line ...

2020-12-09 12:38:11

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原創 [SVG] How to draw polygons?

If you have noticed, we did not define the width and height of the previous svg, and its default value is 300*150. And this time we must define the width and height of the svg, because the polygons we draw cannot be fully displayed. We must define an area that can accommodate ...

2020-12-09 11:53:27

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原創 [SVG] How to draw a rectangle?

Why did I write two examples?  This is simply another way of writing that I want to tell you, which is written in "style", even though they are separate attributes. stroke:rgb(0,0,0) ⇔ stroke=black This is another way to show colors. ...

2020-12-09 11:33:09

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原創 [SVG] How to draw a circle?

You can accurately see that this is a circle with a center at (100, 50) and a radius of 40. It is a black circle with a thickness of 2 and the filling is transparent. "cx" and "cy" are used to determine the position of the center of the circle. "r" is used to determine the radius of the circle ...

2020-12-09 11:16:56

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原創 Perfectionism is a cancer of human nature

The media likes to create gods. If anyone becomes popular, the media will always find reasons to explain what qualities they have since childhood, so they should succeed. Self-discipline and perfectionism are often exaggerated interpretations made by the media to gain ...

2020-12-09 02:07:42

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原創 [JLPT N1 Test] Reading comprehension related knowledge points

学生センター窓口でしか申請できない期間がある There is a period when you can only apply at the Student Center window. Here I want to mention "しか". Don't miss it. I did this wrong question entirely because I didn't see "しか". So I warn you that you must pay close attention ...

2020-12-05 20:17:35

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問答 What does コンプレックス mean?

コンプレックス At first glance, it is complex in English. Roman【konnpureqkusu】Katakana【コンプレックス】 Japanese translation: 精神分析で、感情の複合。現実の意識に反する感情が抑えつけられたまま保存され、無意識のうちに現実の意識に混じり込んでいるもの。強迫観念や夢は ...

2020-12-04 09:35:48

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